Schweidel Guest-house - Accomodation Esztergomban - 2500. Esztergom, Schweidel József str. 6. - (0036) 33 311 355

Hostel contact
Address 2500 Esztergom, Schweidel József u. 6.
Reception mobile +36 20 291 7740
Reception Tel./Fax +36 33 311 355
Reception e-mail
Skype schweidel.szallo
Weiszdorn Mária
(groups) +36 20 512 7808
Company datas
Name: Ingatlan Investment Kft.
Seat: 9028 Győr, Máté Mária u. 4/b
Tax number: 12864379-2-08, Közösségi: HU12864379
Bank account ( HU92) 11600006-00000000-12233465
Manager: Kozák Tibor +36 20 931 0422

Nagyobb térképre váltás



GPS.: N 470 46′ 24,82″ E 180 44′ 39,21″

By bus:


The bus departs from the station at Árpád-bridge - from the side of Pest - and rides in every half an hour between Esztergom and Budapest. The station in Eszetrgom is Fogas. The Hostel Schweidel can be reached on foot in 4 minutes, about 400m far from the station.


By train:


The train departs from Budapest from Nyugati-station. The station in Esztergom is end. The Hostel Schweidel is 200 m far from the station.


With Car:


From the direction Komárom of the road number 10 Esztergom approach could be taken. The after section Tát bypass to road 117 should go in the direction of Esztergom. Esztergom prior to the arrival of the Police station after the traffic light turn right and at the end of the street is also right to the SUZUKI Factory cities coming out of. After 200 meters on the left is the Schweidel Apartmenthouse.
From the direction Budapest is the junction Kesztölc, you are on the road 117. To Esztergom from the OMV petrol station the same also written from direction Komárom described the Suzuki factory car entrance table you can find the following Schweidel Apartments..