Schweidel Guest-house - Accomodation Esztergomban - 2500. Esztergom, Schweidel József str. 6. - (0036) 33 311 355

The Hostel from outside
Meals: Self-catering, or provided by us for extra fee: Because the hotel does not have an own kitchen, the meal is provided by an external restaurant in the separated hall of 20 places or in the dining-rooms of the appartements. The price of the breakfast is HUF 1000 (incl. VAT), the price of the menu dinner is HUF 1500 (incl. VAT). The drinks can be ordered in the buffet of the hotel. Furthermore there is a possibility for ordering from a wide assortment of foodtransfer companies (e.g. Gaszroyal - Please ask for information and help at the reception.
The rooms